Saturday, May 7, 2011

Truffle Salt for the Uninitiated

At La Buona Tavola - The Truffle Cafe, we want to make the indulgently delicious flavor of truffles accessible to all. For the uninitiated truffle connoisseur, we offer an easy means of introduction to this whole new world of extreme flavor.

Our Truffle Salt goes perfectly with virtually any food that you can think of. Sprinkle it on fresh tomatoes, steak, popcorn, french fries, grilled veggies, fish, chicken...the list is endless! Remember, a little goes a long way, especially with our truffle salt which, at 10% truffle, features a higher concetration than most truffle salts.

Truffle Salt is not meal specific; it goes equally well with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here are a few recipe ideas to get you started with the goodness of truffle salt.

We'll be compiling an ongoing list of recipes that use truffle salt for your convenience. If you have any favorite ways you use truffle salt, please share in the comments. Thanks!

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